Is the Academy accredited and by whom?

All short courses are nationally and/or internationally approved. The Academy is accredited by the UAE Federal Transport Authority (FTA), UK Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA), International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation & Lighthouse Authority (IALA), and Lloyds Register (LR). Furthermore, the Academy is an accredited institution by the National Qualification Centre (NQC) that falls under the Ministry of Education and offers academic programmes for high school graduates.

What courses do you offer?

The Academy offers a wide range of simulator-based training and non-simulator-based training courses including all approved STCW short courses.

From basic to advanced levels, professional to bespoke training, all are available under one roof and offered by a centre of excellence serving the maritime sector.

For a full list of courses, please visit

How long are the courses?

Courses vary from one-day courses to long-term educational programmes. For more information about each a specific course/s, please check our course information at

What are the tuition fees?

For current and updated fees, please contact the Academy (02-6902500).

Are the courses full time?

All courses and programmes that are full-time typically commence at 08:00 and finish at 16:00. The Academy also offers part-time, flexible courses for working professionals.

Can anyone apply?

Our diverse range of locally and internationally accredited courses/programmes are open to all students subject to enrollment criteria.

Is there a scholarship /funding?

Scholarships are offered through the Academy by sponsoring companies. The Academy will collect the required documentation from students and communicate them to sponsoring companies for their approval. In short, it is possible for eligible students’ subject to be reviewed and assessed. The Academy also recognises students who demonstrate outstanding performance during their studies.

Am I guaranteed a job on completion of the course?

While subject to the Scholarship conditions provided by the sponsoring company,  outstanding performance in the programmes may increase the chances of employment.

Does the Academy provide a resident visa?

Currently, all students are responsible for arranging their visas.

Does the Academy provide accommodation/transportation?

No. Accommodation and transport are the responsibility of the student.

Is there a student exchange with other academies?

Currently, the Academy does not offer student exchange services.

Can I continue onto a Master’s programme later?

Currently, the Academy does not offer Master’s programmes.