The Future of Maritime Education is Here

Dedicated to excellence, our Academy places emphasis on delivering training programmes and courses of the uppermost standard which are accredited locally or internationally.

Our Academy is fully equipped with the regions first multidiscipline Maritime Simulator Centre through which our highly experienced instructors provide our students with the training and insight to face potential industry challenges and an in-depth understanding of mitigating possible risks.

 Our Mission

To Build the Nation’s Maritime Capabilities by Delivering High Quality Maritime Education and Certification Courses

 Our Vision

To Develop and Guide Future Generations of Maritime Leaders through World-Class Education and Training

 Our Values

Ready to Respond

Eager to Collaborate

Safe, Secure & Sustainable

Innovative For Excellence

Fair & Committed

Our Research and Development

Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy focuses on research and development to drive a culture of localised innovation in the maritime sector and to identify industry challenges and corresponding solutions.