Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy, part of AD Ports Group, is the first one-stop hub for a range of maritime training and development courses in the region.

A unique centre of excellence, deeply committed to developing first-class national, regional and international maritime cadres.

Our training teams are highly proficient with internationally recognised qualifications, certifications, experience and competencies. They bring into the classrooms, workshops and simulator areas, their vast maritime industry experience and technical expertise.

We are proud to have state-of-the-art maritime simulator units, the most advanced in the region and we strongly believe we are the best equipped and most capable to prepare the next generation of mariners for the UAE, the region and beyond.

Our graduates and trainees are highly competent, armed with excellent knowledge and skills, developed through a well-designed and delivered curriculum, including activities that extend beyond the classroom. Our services are a crucial part of the trade journey. Working with AD Ports Group’s integrated business clusters our mission is to improve the way the world trades through educating the next era of maritime leaders.

Dr. Yasser Al Wahedi
President, Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy

Dr Yasser Al Wahedi - Managing Director