Understanding Port State Control Inspections

June 24, 2021

The aim of this course is to introduce the candidates to the basics of Commercial Shipping including the theory of trade, the commercial geography, the demand for shipping as a principal mode of transportation to support trade, familiarisation with the various types of ships and the wide range of practitioners in the shipping industry.

This is a one day course aimed to give the participants an overview and understanding of:

  1. What Port State Control is and the MOU’s

The history of Port State Control, the regional MOU’s, and their role in inspecting and maintaining the safety of shipping.

  1. Steps & precautions to be taken at all times, what PSC are looking for, what are the consequences

The need for routines on board to ensure that the vessel is complying with regulations. The particular areas that PSC will target and the consequences should any deficiencies be found.

  1. How to proceed when being inspected

The process of an inspection, who is to be involved and what they will be expected to do whilst accompanying the inspector

  1. Case Study discussion

The review of current inspections looking at why the vessel the vessel received action points, recommendations, detentions and what could have been done to prevent these.

The course is delivered by sessions of Theory, Practical Tasks, and Case Study Reviews.

Course Details

Course Duration: 1 Day

Assessment: None

Attendance: 100% attendance is required

Entry Requirements: Candidates should be serving ships officers or shore based personnel involved in the safety inspection of vessels

Accreditation: Internal