Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)

Based on IMO Model Course 3.21

This course provides the participants with comprehensive knowledge to enable them to take on the duties and responsibilities as defined in the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

Practical case studies are used to illustrate possible measures to comply with the maritime security requirements.

This course meets the requirements of the ISPS Code and the requirements specified in the IMO Model course 3.21 (2015 ed.) for Port Facility Security Officer.

Course Details

Course Duration: 4 Days

Assessment: Theoretical and Direct Observation

Attendance: 100% attendance is required

Entry Requirements: It is assumed that persons attending this course are:

  • Employed by a port facility operator
  • Likely to be either designated as a PFSO/Deputy PFSO or the manager responsible for port facility security (to whom the PFSO may report).

Course participants are expected to have a basic understanding of port operations in order to be able to advise and implement the security concept mandated by SOLAS chapter Xi-2 and the ISPS Code. If this is not the case, an appropriate pre-entry course, could be taken prior to taking this course.

Accreditation: FTA (UAE)