Capt. Jasim Al Khamiri

Senior Vice President, Petroleum Ports Authority of ADNOC since 2012
Board Member to ADNOC Logistics & Services since 2017

Captain Jasim Al Khamiri is the Vice President of the Petroleum Ports Authority (PPA) of ADNOC since 2012. The PPA is mandated to regulate ADNOC’s petroleum Ports and ensure safe passage for vessels. For 55 years, the PPA has helped to ensure the safe and efficient export of ADNOC’s products to international markets.

Capt. Al Khamiri has substantial maritime experience having worked in the marine industry for over 25 years, where he gained practical and management skills and experience.

In 2004 he became the first Emirati Master to sail onboard Oil, Chemical and Product Tankers. Three years later he joined the Supreme Petroleum Council as Harbour Master of Jebel Dhanna Ruwais Petroleum Port, thereafter as Manager, Petroleum Ports Authority in 2012. Throughout the period from 1994 to 2007 he served as Navigating Officer onboard Tankers with “ADNATCO” until reaching Master in Command onboard Tankers.

Captain Al Khamiri obtained the Master Foreign Going Certificate of Competency at the Arab Maritime Transport Academy in 2001 and has been a Board Member to ADNOC Logistics & Services since 2017. From 2014 to 2016 he was an advisory board member of the UAE Classification Society “TASNEEF” and has chaired various workshops and maritime committees providing support and consultancy to various governmental bodies and port authorities.

Capt. Jasim Al Khamiri